Green payback period

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I am puzzled by an attitude I have had expressed to me. People have said: ‘I wouldn’t get solar panels (or some other energy saving device) because I heard the ‘payback’ period was ten years’
I think to myself, how many things that you buy pay you back so it costs nothing, and then starts to save you money?
Why would you think something that pays for itself is some onerous impost?
Why would you happily fork out $40 k for a car that loses $10k per year depreciation but not spend $5k for free power and income?
I am bewildered by people’s strange logic. Its like they think there is some irationality to being green because it is the right thing to do.
What are people thinking?

Power meter running backwards

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I am very excited. Our electricity power meter is now running backwards. We had about half an hour of sun last night after our system had been switched on. It wasn’t enough to see how the system would run. All this morning I have been thinking: ‘Here comes the sun’.  Just now the sun has come out from behind most of the cloud and we are generating over 500 w.  It is still hazy. The clouds seem very slow moving up there. I don’t expect that it will get up to its full 2kw of power output with this insipid winter sun. I hope I am surprised later by the full afternoon sun.

Water Use

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I promised I would give an update on our water use. Our water saving was not as much as I had expected. For the period from 15 Feb to 18 May our average daily use was 315 l. This is about 63 l. per person. I think we need to replace the shower head in our new bathroom with a new water saving one. You can swap for free. (Which is why our builder installed the cheaper standard type.) I think then our water use will go down much further.

Thesis Overview

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The overall purpose of this work is to explore investigate and explain the origins, establishment and development of the office, including the community visitors scheme. I explore some of the key functions of the office through exploring the significant events, circumstances, and the roles of principal actors in these major developments in Victoria’s social, political and institutional history.

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A short slideshow of  pictures of my family follows below.

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I like gardening.

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De/institutionalisation 1848 – 1979

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Thesis Draft Chapter Two Overview

In this chapter I firstly explore the historical development of protection, institutionalisation and deinstitutionalisation in the Western World generally, and in Victoria in particular, during the period 1848-1969. I particularly examine the circumstances and processes which have conditioned Anglo-American mental health law and Victorian disability public policy. In the next part I explore the problematisation of the treatment of people with disability, and the advent of deinstitutionalisation as official policy in Victoria in 1979. These were the initial conditions for the establishment and functions of the Office of the Public Advocate in 1986.[1]

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